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Sustainable Development -
Distributive Justice and
       Generating 'super paradigms' is what the Climate Change Crisis is doing


   These global initiatives and local development strategies have fulfilled the promise of confronting  the misogyny of   Greed and its wasteful practices which form a heritage of shame throughout the worlds diverse communities.   This grid presents a few of the objectives and alternatives.

The Growth of the Sharing Economy


its effect on FED policy

SustainabilityConscientious Ecologic Adaption
World Conservation Strategy
Charitable Resource Conservation
Global Economic Development JCAPUDHR Campaign 2013

Merits of Nordhaus theory for a global tax on carbon which is revenue neutral 

The Byrd-Hagel Resolution

distributive justice protocols
 Climate Change StructuresGreen Reparation™

The threat of Bio-cultural Protocols - the UNFCCC and REDD


Causes of Deforestation


Sustainability Consciousness - 
 Corporate Social Responsibilityoperational
 International Institute for Sustainable Development - IISDcorporate sustainability initiative 
 Rapid Deployment InitiativesClimate Change LobbyMarket Approaches have failed as Corporate Greed prevents proper implementationhow to use tech for Social Good