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Security in a global economy means knowing your enemy - it also means knowing oneself! 

A network TV show like American Greed (CNBC) shows ample reason why trust and faith must be 'rigorously' earned!    What about a special on PREVENTIVE MEDICINE for 'marketing research fraud' (and their social and behavioral targeting)?    The potential of the internet to provide advocacy for political and economic development also makes it  a fertile spawning ground for ell kinds of swindlers; just like society in general....plug-in to the CISCO network info center:

CNBC has done a great job with their upbeat and timely series; what about taking it a step further and serving the viewing public some boiled OCTOPUS (thoroughly cooked of course) and help millions of holiday shoppers, surfers, job seekers and people who are generally cooperative and well intentioned to avoid the pitfalls of what may well be understood as the global scam of the young internets sometimes stormy history.
The Global 'Marketing Research' industry has new and powerful tools to separate the unwary from their financial resources - their identity;even their self esteem; cyber fraud and extortion tactics make their 'mark' an easy prey in the laissez - faire world of international business and trans national corporations.
Gonzales and the 3 nerds have set a precedence with an army of hackers into computer security networks - like an academy award winning movie - THE NET; the world of cyber crime and government regulations often blurs into the international community.  The U.S. Government itself has plunged deeply into debt 'bailing out' this megalithic financial services industry.......The recovery as it was billed is apparently being used to dig a deeper grave for the American Consumer in spite of the advent of a long overdue Consumer Protection Bureau.....The F.B.I. and governments at all echelons have developed or are now in the process of developing......Cyber Fraud and Cybercrime units to take on the hackers and their corporate bag men - but who or what is coordinating the effort.  It most certainly is not the Industry - they do not now nor have they ever 'Policed themselves'; the fox is indeed guarding the henhouse.
Power corrupts - absolute power absolutely
This saying is often used to soft soap greed and corruption by the so-called rich
and famous (movers and shakers) - guess what; a better reason is because would
be victims often do not realize the con and its pyramid scheme before these clever
thieves have taken them......the survey con seems to be petty; but it adds up to 
big business on the international trade market and only serves to further corrupt
the quality of information that ultimately - we the consumers will receive - GiGo.

   Political independence means listening to others 'with a grain of salt'.

You can fool some of the people part of the time, and you can fool

  ALL of the people some of the time but you cannot FOOL all of the

  people ALL of the time......President Abraham Lincoln


  In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition 

  of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the 

  military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise 

  of misplaced power exists and will persist....President Dwight Eisenhower 

Here is an excerpt from a survey I took with a very reputable Marketing Research service.. The survey is about 'invasion of privacy' and a new aspect of social media networking - permissions is some vital information about this developing controversy.  (some of this information is copyrighted and subject to privacy)
Direct Marketing Association This is where you can file a complaint and learn more.
Which of the following statements best describes how you feel regarding companies tracking the websites you visit across the various devices you use?     (Select as many as apply.)
    • I am comfortable with my information being shared across my devices
    • I am okay with my information being collected across my devices
    • I feel more comfortable being tracked across the devices I use instead of through cookie tracking
    • I would rather be tracked through cookies than across the devices I use
    • I don't feel that I have control of how my information is being used across my devices
    • I feel as though I do a good enough job ensuring the privacy of my information across my devices
    • I would like to learn more about how my information is collected across my devices
    • I don't know enough about how my information is collected and used across my devices
    • I feel as though there is nothing I can do to ensure the privacy of my information across my devices
    • None of the above