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   Here are some "cutting edge" videos about the "catharsis" of artificial and ambient intelligence technologies taking place right now and in the "real world"!  What is presently being called quantum information systems are being    developed    hand in hand with other ambient intelligence  applications - advancements in nanotechnology are realizing that "engineering the vacuum" adage which realizes the promises to surpass itself continuously - nanonics and robotics; subwavelength nanotechnology and meta-material engineering; ambient intelligence  and quantum information systems form a multi-dimensional potential which is transforming sustainability into an every day  experience through out the world.  Environmental stewardship; energy efficiency; living buildings; hybrid transportation systems  are just a few of the industries and services which are surpassing all reasonable expectations. Real time inquiry apps and technologies like Siri 3D ----- Amazon Echo and Questions - Ask and Answer .

                                 CST STUDIO SUITE                                                    Nanonics Imaging - a great site

The electromagnetic simulation software CST STUDIO SUITE®

High Performance Computing (HPC) - Synopsis Design Kit (Sustainability Initiatives and Ambient Intelligence)

Zero Point Energy and Nanonics - recent (2014-2015 developments)