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Sustainable Development -
Distributive Justice and
Sustainable Development - Global Warming - Distributive Justice

This 'trichotomy' is a dynamic new 'super paradigm' quickly tranfiguring reality through a global effort using private and public
corporate and government resources to change age old agricultural practices and redevelop the infrastructure of ancient
regions devastated by conquest and centuries old exploitation.  Clean drinking water, pollution control practices and the
institution of sustainable husbandry practices are being supported through the ECONOMICS of fair trade.
The Growth of the Sharing Economy and its effect on FED policy is one key to sustaining a modest prosperity.
Turning the enormous and burgeoning crisis of global warming into an impetus for social and economic justice is the first signs that a world government may one day become an alternative to transnational corporate misogyny (greed).  Sustainability development paradigms are providing hope to many nations and regions afflicted with endemic poverty.

Highlight these advocacy and watch dog organizations as the 'turning point' for Generation Green.



                            The American Recovery Act of 2009 is still operational - GO Ethical


                      representation of the UTZ code of conduct    "greenwashing" or new standards

Evidently 'providence' has provided this effort with a 5th dimension of meta-physical capabilities due to the accelerating development of new technologies based upon quantum nanotechnology and a more perfect understanding of the capabilities of what science terms 'Rare Earth Elements' 
Corporate Social Responsibility is leading the way 'ethically' - no kidding!

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