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Enterprise Infosystems - the battle is joined

This cloud haa a silver lining - inquire within

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About Us
Enterprise Infosystems is a private concern which is associated with  Desktop publishing; web design; data processing and semantic web developments have become interfaced with quantum information processing and its ambient intelligence technologies.  Specifically this means green technology innovation.  The cause of Salvation through the word of god given age to age in the Hebrew Scriptures and its new covanent (Gospels) are also extremely important to this organization and its priorities.
Ambient Intelligence is emerging as the conceptual focus of the information age - nanonics and its nanophotonics will provide technological support for productive harmony in the 'sustainability movement' as corporate social responsibility is implemented in the 'global' marketplace of ideas; products and services........this promise is being realized on a daily basis.

What does SMXQ stand for?

Sharing with Maximum Queues (SAUS) - needs work..............check out Google

Acronyms, Initialism & Abbreviations Dictionary.

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All in one code complex - windows interop - a great innovation for rapid development environments

twitris: Social Media Analysis with Semantic Web Technology

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Company history
Formed in 1998 in partnership planning and net platform programming with the Microsoft Partnership Program.
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So far this is a family consideration - with a number of middle management contacts and engagements.