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Enterprise Infosystems - the battle is joined

This cloud haa a silver lining - inquire within

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Sustainable Development -
Distributive Justice and
 Communication systems have many aspects
          macro and micro - local and global
             ? Lost Tribes of Israel ?  Flag of Bnei Menashe;
Prophetic fulfillment makes this a certainty.  How to make
things work together for good is an art form which only
the holy spirit can accomplish. Scroll down to learn more.
Healing Mother Earth and a Patriotic Tribute at Allegheny Seneca Veterans Pow-wow

Three new fields - Spiritual Truth | Distributive Justice | Sustainability

              Historic Insight into the  Millennia is now available in PRINT.



Fall 2014 – China and the United States reach strategic climate change agreement


This strategic agreement has far reaching impacts for

Global Development……click on pictures to read the official report.  

 IT Governance and Control
100,000 people were expected, but 400,000 people showed up in NYC
Many celebrities joined the Peoples Climate March in New York city. Including, 2nd from left, Jane Goodall, Al Gore, Bill de Blasio and Ban Ki-Moon. Credit: Robert van Waarden and CARE 2  

 Paradigms and their Semantics - how things work!  What are the PRINCIPLES of Sustainability?

  •            "The narrative lens"  -------- Niels Bohr (remember him) (Elemental - My dear Watson!)
  •            "Rational World" ----------------- operative rules of linguistics (semantic paradigms)
  •            "Persuasion"....................... psychology of linguistic cases (the narrative modality)
  •            ""conceptual framework"------- "the given" (also considered as "universals")
  •            "cultural protocols"................Distributive Justice - defending the common ground
  •            reason - logic - ethics............ambiance; correspondence; coherence
  •            Spiritual Awareness..............cause of (righteousness) and its moral uprightness
  •            Irony - how history seems to repeat itself.......example Sochi and The Crimea


Think globally - Act Locally is a pretty good adage for these times that we are living in.      

        Paradigms of the Semantic Spectrum              Being connected is a sustainability paradigm in itself.

net neutrality 2014 - one of the most important issues of our times - Here are the issues   

History Revisited - Public directory for an overview of Millennial Jubilees as they have developed new discoveries


Stand with the Jewish people in the time of "Jacob's Trouble' as believers throughout the world are attacked.  


Time and Eternity are also part of the heritage of our Human Family - read a little bit more about it here!

Security in a global economy means knowing your enemy - it also means knowing oneself!

The information age is already in full swing - cutting edge changes are happening day by day!

Human Ingenuity is often analogous to the logic of cyberspace……custom fabrics from ORIOLE Mills……
or the big apples newest on-line extravaganza at ETSY.COM…….courtesy of PBS.

    courtesy of Verve (Asheville N.C.)  cottage industries and social media networking are a great pair

Ambiance denotes the sentient presence (evident and available -----of sustainable economy.  America has a daunting task ahead if it is to regain its prestigious position amongst the world's community of nations.  Getting our 'ship of state' back on course is one of these great tasks - pray for our leaders; that they will use wisdom and exercise courage in making the changes deemed necessary.


The most important aspect of these global developments is Distributive Justice; absolutely essential for success are ethical standards of moral character......where human society 'rise to the occasion' so that the rewards of our remarkable global progress will be evenly distributed and fairly implemented for one and all......ecologically.  How can we do this - Sustainable Global Development?

The dynamics of an ambient environment are important for planning how and what will be done every day - this requires cooperation with all walks of life.....this page offers profound insights into this enigma.



The graphic representation of social media networking      is a product of collaboration between web developers and graphic designers......very important for connecting your cyberspace engineering efforts.


Green Pittsburgh ia a resounding success as Phipps Conservatory christened its Sustainable Landscape Design Center as one of the world's first LIVING's accomplishment comes from the initiative and freedom which the Phipps 'public - private'  partnership represents.  As the region enters a new millennia it can stand as a beacon to the world...!  


This E-book you'll not find in a book store - Eternity @ God - Lord of Hosts & history in the making!


According to 'highly technical sources' the  rapidly developing Global Position System provides the key to  'Ubiquity' and its 'Quantum Computing'. The oneness of it all......with a helping of godly fear.



Through those near to Me I show Myself holy,
And gain glory before all the people.”


Shalom Aleichem - Peace and assurance

Enterprise Infosystems is the moniker which I use to describe the developments which I have worked with personally in the advancement of global communications.




The sustainability paradigm utilizes corporate social responsibility analytics because this way of using our human social systems to better define the efficiency and long term effects of the way we live can help communities better interact with their environment - which supports a better quality of life for one and all.


The usefulness of the world wide web for communicating with one another can be understood very nicely in terms of the semantic's long term development has effected every aspect of information science and their relationship to commerce, industry and government - this new ambient intelligence and its green technology will help to perfect the semantic web and how people can use it.


Team Site for Enterprise Infosystems


Infomation Architecture is vital for developing real communications in the Global Community


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