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Social Media - Translatio
SMXQ - applications
Sustainable Development -
Distributive Justice and
SemanticXQ - Document Library
Wind Energy - Facts about the "Myths"             
SMXQ - Networking Strategy for QIP 
University of Virginia - Intentional Software Development
 DSL - semantic anchoring for Domain Specialists
Global Warming Worksheet
Global Warming and personal Values
Behavioral and Social Targeting in the Market Research Industry (AmJ)l
 Sandia Laboratories - Smart Health Care
 NASA  2012 OMB Scorecard for Sustainability
 SilverLink_CloudServices - Power Grids
 Semantic_Web_TECH_Ambient Intelligence and Smart Grid
 Quantum Energy and its nanotechnology
Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis (JCAP)
Photocatalytic Conversion of CO2 to fuels
 Tools and strategies - for Semantic Web
 European Community - EPoSS_Workshop_AIDC
 OBIEE - quantum information systems
 concept maps for semantic web
 hyper dimensions and power generation
 ambient intelligence for living 
ONEDRIVE at LIVE.COM  Documents/graphics

What does SMXQ stand for?

Sharing with Maximum Queues (SAUS) - needs work.............check out Google


Acronyms, Initialism & Abbreviations Dictionary.

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All in one code complex - windows interop - innovation for rapid development environments


twitris: Social Media Analysis with Semantic Web Technology   - example (presidential elections)